Monday, 15 August 2016

Circus Fun

This summer has absolutely flown by.  I worked part time this year and loved having long weekends throughout the summer months.  we enjoyed a circus theme - I had a younger crew this summer and we explored all aspects of the circus.  You can find ideas for this them in my 2012 posts...

Circus Game (to print)

Clown Craft (free template)

Juggling Clown Counting Mat


Circus Cake Toppers

We had so much fun at our backyard carnival end of summer program party!  Here are some of the stations that I set up ...

Bowling (6 pin bowling set)

Ball in a Bucket - I filled buckets of various sizes with water and set them up small to large.  Children tossed balls into the buckets.

Floating Ball Toss Game - I had the water table set up with rings and small plastic golf balls for tossing.  The children tried to get the ball in the rings.

Bottle Toss - The children tossed rings onto bottles which were secured in a box with seperated cardboard to keep the bottles from topping over.

Horse Shoes - A child's plastic game of horse shoes was set up.

Lawn Darts - A hula hoop and children's darts (they are rounded at the end like a ball).  Children tossed the darts into the hoop.

Ball Toss - I decorated mini pringle cans with construction paper and star stickers then set them up in a pyramid for the children to knock over.

Stilts - I had children's walking stilts (they look like upside down buckets with string attached) for the children to use.

I printed this template (scroll just past 1/2 way down the page) onto construction paper and the children decorated the frame with dot stickers.  I printed clown photos of each child to glue onto their frame for a keepsake of our Circus Summer.

We also had 2 birthdays to celebrate that day and a good-bye party... whew... it was one busy but fun day!

I am currently gearing up for my fall program to start after Labour Day.  Stay tuned for lots of fun activities and ideas.  Enjoy the rest of your summer!

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