Monday, 16 May 2016

Crunch the Crocodile

The kids really love the chanting of this greedy, but cowardly crocodile.

Crunch and munch
Crunch and munch
My name is Crunch 
And I want my lunch!

Crunch the Crocodile by Josephine Croser is a lovely story about a peaceful river that is home to many wonderful animals whose lives are disrupted by a loud and greedy crocodile.  They come together to rid themselves of the bully of the river and are cheered on by the children as they carry out their plan.

We discovered a lot of cool information about crocodiles.

The children made snapping crocodiles.  Print the template on card paper.  We painted ours - I just blocked out the teeth areas when they were painting.  When dry, glue on googly eyes and then attach the top and bottom to a clothespin so the children can snap the jaws open and closed.  These were lots of fun to use during the telling of the story!

Template makes 2 snapping crocodiles:

The children made Crunch stick puppets from this printout.

I created a couple of worksheets for my crew.  Enjoy the freebies!


  1. What an awesome and adorable fun project for the children..thanks for sharing...

    1. Thanks Shirley - love this book :)