Monday, 11 April 2016

How Do Dinosaurs

It seems time has gotten away from me so I will be playing catch up on our themes.  For our dinosaur literature unit, we explored the books How Do Dinosaurs... by Jane Yolen.  The children really enjoyed learning about dinosaurs.  We discussed the differences between herbivores and carnivores and sorted dinosaurs into the two categories.

We made pteranodon flyers from clothespins and fun foam using this template.

We made paper bag allosaurus puppets.

The children created a paper maché dino egg by covering a balloon.  Once dry, we cut a small circle in the egg to remove the balloon and I secretly placed a glow in the dark dinosaur into each egg.  The children painted their eggs and then took them home with the instructions to 'hatch' their egg over the weekend.  One parent filmed the hatching and sent me the video... it was ADORABLE!  I forgot to take pictures of the eggs before they took them home, but this activity was a huge hit.

Dinosaurs Lived Long Ago

Dinosaurs lived long ago
When the world was new
They were very big and strong
Very scary too.
Some of them had plants to eat
From the ocean floor
Some of them would rather eat
Another Dinosaur!

Dicky, Dicky Dinosaur
Dicky, Dicky Dinosaur lives in a swamp
Dicky, Dicky Dinosaur gets very damp
Dicky, Dicky Dinosaur is really neat
But she always trips on her great, big feet. THUD

Dicky, Dicky Dinosaur has four legs
Dicky, Dicky Dinosaur lays big eggs
Dicky, Dicky Dinosaur always wails
When you step on the tip of her great, long tail.

Dicky, Dicky Dinosaur is lots of fun
Dicky, Dicky Dinosaur loves to run
Dicky, Dicky Dinosaur runs real fast
When Tyrannosaurus Rex is on her path.

Dicky, Dicky Dinosaur’s a friend of mine
Dicky, Dicky Dinosaur has spikes on her spine
Dicky, Dicky Dinosaur loves to roar
But, really she’s a gentle herbivore.
~Charlotte Diamond~

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