Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Groundhog Day

Happy Groundhog Day everyone.  Poor Willie was woken up to a chilly morning to forecast 6 more weeks of winter... OH NO!  Although after the polar vortex winter of 2015, I will not complain.  We have only shovelled once this season and were stuck indoors a couple of times due to wind chill warnings.  All in all, a very mild winter!  As long as the next 6 weeks go like the past, I'm one happy camper.

We had a lot of fun learning about Willie and his cousins around the country.  Our book unit was based on the book Wake Up Groundhog by Susanna Leonard Hill.    The story is based upon Punxsutawney Phil which was a great introduction to the fact that different areas of the United States and Canada have their own famous groundhogs.

We made pop up groundhogs by glueing a printout of a groundhog onto a popsicle stick then cutting a hole in the bottom of a paper cup and inserting the stick.  The children were able to pop the groundhog out of this 'burrow' to see his shadow.

We made these adorable footprint groundhogs.

And we glued fun foam snowflakes onto construction paper.

I printed the template included in this freebie on to brown construction paper for groundhog headbands.  The children wore them today and hid in their 'burrow' until we woke them up to see if there was a shadow.  I darkened the room and used a flashlight.  With the headbands on, their shadow looked like a real groundhog... they LOVED that!

We coloured pictures of groundhogs, made predictions, and made shadow puppets.  We also had a PJ party because everyone knows... Willie would rather have been sleeping this morning!!  Hope you enjoyed your Groundhog's Day as much as we did.


  1. What fun...love looking at the things the children do...thanks for sharing...

    1. Thanks Shirley - we had so much fun... can't believe we are on to another holiday already. I'm beginning to think it's all just one big party LOL