Sunday, 24 January 2016

Jan Brett

Two of my favourite winter stories are written by Jan Brett - The Mitten and The Hat.  Over the past few weeks, we have been exploring the concepts in these stories.

The Mitten

Sorry for the lack of pictures, but the crafts went home as fast as we made them!  The first week we enjoyed many winter and mitten crafts.  The favourite by far was puffy painting.  I let the children create a puffy paint picture on a piece of construction paper and when they were finished, they dipped their hand in the mixture one more time and stamped a handprint with the thumb extended and fingers together onto a piece of blue construction paper (Nicki saw the snow white mitten silhouetted against the blue sky).  When they were dry, I drew a mitten shape around the handprint.  Really wish I snapped a photo because they were really cute!

Puffy Paint Recipe - mix equal parts white glue and shaving cream.  These take a few days to dry, but will dry puffed up and be so very soft to the touch.

The second week, we concentrated more on learning about the various animals in the mitten.  I printed the animals on this colouring page on the Jan Brett website for the children to use to learn the sequence the animals went into the mitten and learn something about each of the animals.

The Hat

Poor hedgie is the source of ridicule when he gets a sock stuck in his prickles.

We made newspaper hats.

I used this free clipart of a hedgehog to create a template for our hedgie craft.

We made these very cool hats from a roll of white paper.  The children painted both sides of a large square then, when dry, I fitted them on their heads, taped around the paper, and scrunched.

Using colouring pages from Jan Brett's website, I created two readers for my group.