Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Lest We Forget

I never got to meet my Grandfather, but he was overseas during WWI.  We are truly blessed with a wonderful country to live in, but getting here had its price and today is a day to remember, honour, and thank those who sacrificed so much... let us never forget!

I was so proud of my young crew (ages 2 - 4) during our moment of silence at 11:00 this morning.  We talked about it during circle time and one of the little guys kept asking "What time is it?" throughout playtime until I finally asked him why he was so interested in the time today.  His answer, "We can't forget 11:00"  Bless him!!!!  Not one sound was made during the silence - they closed their eyes and what we had discussed thinking about was saying thank-you to the soldiers.  It was an easy tie-in for them because we had Thanksgiving just last month and talked a lot about what we are thankful for.  Not one sound was made until I said, OK - great job everybody and they wanted to talk about Remembrance Day a little bit more then we coloured poppies before having lunch.


  1. How awesome...thank you for sharing...

    1. Thanks... that song chokes me up every time!