Monday, 5 October 2015

One Grey Mouse

One Grey Mouse is a fabulous book about colours and number to 10.  The pictures are amazing and the children love the rhyming text.

Children used these craftivity pages to create their own book.

There are many ways to illustrate the text... here are two samples that we did.  The children cut and pasted a tree onto the worksheet then drew eyes and stripes onto their bee shapes.  They glued the bees onto the tree.

The children cut out a pink dish from construction paper and then stamped blue fish onto the dish shape.   They then had fun exploring the paint and stamping activity on a plain piece of paper to create their own 'blue fish' picture.

The children wanted to fingerpaint mice - they did a super job!

We made 3 orange snakes from clay then placed them in a lake made from blue card paper.


  1. A very good book about colors. Children uses their creativity most to do anything according to their knowledge. Here are some very good examples about the creative usage of this book.

  2. Doing exercises using their creativity allows children to use their brain to the highest potential. The book you mentioned is a very good resource for the children about colors and how to play with them.