Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Snow Fun

Happy New Year everyone... sorry I've been MIA, but I am definitely a lot busier with my younger crew this year.  I did have a nice break at Christmas and even had a couple of extra days off to spend with my family - YAH.  It was so nice having my daughter home from University!!

We are enjoying snow and winter activities all month.  It has been a mixed bag of weather - we've had rain, ice pellets, snow, more rain (it all melted) then snow again followed by a current deep freeze. Last week we spent the entire time indoors - YUCK.  We had a lovely day to play in the snow on Monday and then yesterday we were - 30 with the windchill so back into the deep freeze and stuck inside.  Today is still too cold for outdoor play, but we are heading in the right direction so hopefully we will get out there to enjoy the white stuff soon.

I was so tired of being indoors last week that I brought the snow in to us... the kids had a blast!

I found this really neat recipe on the internet for Frost Paint - the children enjoyed watching the transition from a puddle of water on their picture to crystals forming and finally the picture being covered in 'frost'.  The 1/4 cup would do quite a few pictures - We used about 1/4 of the mixture for 3 paintings.  We did use construction paper and I'd like to see the effect on black rather than blue next time to see if the snowmen show up more when dry.  The recipe is simply equal amounts of boiling water and epsom salts - stir until the salts dissolve.  Once cool, (only took a few minutes) the children can paint with it.

My 18 month old enjoyed painting with the solution and her picture dried with a really cool effect as well..

Cork Painting - Snowballs

I printed a puzzle of everyone's favourite snowman... Olaf!  My older crew loved moving the pieces together to make different Olaf stances.  I printed mine on card paper on my black and white printer (no reason to waste coloured ink when he's a snowman!  I just used crayon to colour in the nose and arms.  

Don't forget to check out my past posts from Januarys gone by for more winter activity ideas and freebies!

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  1. So funny post. Really nice to read your blog. It makes me tension free and cool