Monday, 19 January 2015

Sight Words

I am a big fan of using games and activities to teach and review sight words.  When I have a JK group, we have a Wall of Words that we review throughout the week.  Last year, our wall was unbelievably full so I created a Dictionary type book called "Our Book of Words" and moved the mastered words into the book.  The children would often take the book out and just flip through it, pick a letter, and read all the words on the page.  It was also a great resource for writing activities.  They could easily go to the book to check their spelling.

Since this picture was taken, I have updated the letter Ii from 'ice-cream' to 'igloo' and Oo from 'owl' to 'octopus' so they are the short vowel sounds.

Here is the template I made to put together 'My Book of Words'.

Here are some sight word worksheets I created.

Please meet Margot from

Free Sight Word Games

Teachers have long known that games are an excellent educational supplement, employing fun and repetition to reinforce a lesson. is a wonderful and free resource, designed for educators and parents alike, with a variety of games for teaching sight words to children.

The Games section of the website has twelve different games, from Bingo to Go Fish to Book Land (a sight words version of the beloved Candy Land!). For each game, you can create and print a set of game cards using one or more prepared word lists—the site includes both Dolch and Fry sight word lists. Or you can customize the game by typing in your own word list! is designed to be a “one-stop shop” of sight words resources for teachers and parents of young children, offering a comprehensive sequence of teaching techniques, games, and materials for this essential building block of child literacy.

This website combines the latest literacy research with decades of teaching experience, while also making the content easy to understand and use. A teacher can use the site’s resources in the classroom, and parents and caregivers can use the same resources to reinforce the sight words lessons at home. is designed for Pre-K to 4th-grade learners, and all the material is FREE. Our goal is to make your job easier, so that instead of scrambling to find educational materials, you can focus on teaching your precious children how to read!

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