Sunday, 26 October 2014

Happy Halloween

My crew is getting excited for  Friday's big day.  We have been singing our Halloween songs, decorating the house, and crafting away.
Their favourite songs at the moment are 5 Little Pumpkins Sitting on a Gate and Bones Inside of You.

Some of the crafts we have created are...

Garbage Bag Spider - he is sitting pretty in our garden!  I found a set of spooky eyes window clings at the dollar store.  We used one set for our spider and the rest we put on the window of our front door.


Pumpkin Balls - we cut the top off a pair of white socks and soaked the sock in watered down paint then let dry overnight.  The children used batting to stuff their socks and then added felt faces.  I tied the top and voila fun balls to toss.  These are fun to just throw around, but are also great for Halloween party games.  Make some with faces and some without for a tic-tac-toe game or cut holes in a box and let the children try to toss them into each hole.  Another game these can be used for is to cut pumpkin shapes and place on the floor (or use fun foam ones available at the dollar store) and have the children try to toss and land their pumpkin ball on the pumpkins.  These can be used for so many fun activities.

Fingerpaint Pumpkins - cut out a pumpkin shape from large paper and let the children go to it.  Nothing like some messy fun!

Handprint Ghosts - what can I say except these are SUPER CUTE!!

For the older crew, I created these Halloween Story Starters.... Enjoy!!

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