Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Cutest Skeleton Ever

My 2 boys are so into Halloween this year that it is making it so much fun!  Here are a few more activities we have added to our theme.

I printed the free skeleton game from Activity Village and we attached the body parts with brads then used a small pipe cleaner for hanging.  They are the cutest skeletons I have ever seen!

I found this template free on the web YEARS ago (my daughter whose almost 20 made the witch when she was younger so that will tell you how long ago I snagged this awesome freebie!).  There was a set of 3... a witch, ghost, and a scarecrow.  All I had to do was print the template onto card paper; the children coloured them and then we cut out the head and arms and stapled them onto a white kitchen bag.  Easy peasy and sooooo incredibly cute!

I found this very large bat sponge several years ago and we used it to make a bat sponge painting picture.  This is our favourite bat song which we had to sing as we painted (of course!)

Bats Are Sleeping (Sung to: Frere Jacques)

Bats are sleeping
Bats are sleeping
Upside down
Upside down
Sleeping in the morning sun
Waiting for the night to come
Then they fly around
Then they fly around.

Happy Halloween!


  1. Your little skeletons remind me of the Skeleton Dance video on youtube by SuperSimpleSongs.

  2. They absolutely do... that video is so cute!!