Saturday, 9 August 2014

Mad About Science

We have had an incredibly busy summer here at A Child's Place.  I broke our theme down into weekly categories and the children had a blast exploring and experimenting.  We ended the summer with a Mad Scientist party.

Week 1 - Magnets
This week we explored the properties of magnets.  The children experimented with horseshoe magnets, bar magnets, fridge magnets, magnets attracting and repelling, magnetic marbles (these are so cool!), and magnetic games and toys.  One of our favourite activities was building with magneatos!

Set of Magnetic Activity Cards

Magnetic Pick Up

Week 2 - Life Science
This week was all about the creatures that we share this wonderful world with.  We were fortunate to find a baby snail and larger snail together (Mommy perhaps?) on a leaf on our wanderings at the beginning of the week so we created a habitat for them in our magnifying bug jar and learned about the Life Cycle of a Snail.  We, of course, released them back to their home the next day.  We also studied the butterfly and frog life cycles.

Life Cycle of a Snail

The Caterpillar and The Pollywog

Week 3 - Light and Colour
This week we had a blast with glow in the dark materials as well as colour glasses.  We explored colour through art as well.

Week 4 - F\orce and Motion
This week was all about pulling, pushing, and building ramps.  We experimented with moving heavy objects and the affect a ramp's slope has on speed.  We also made a balloon rocket.

Week 5 - Water Experiments
This week we were a-splishing and a-splashing.  We experimented with the buoyancy of items in fresh and salt water.  We were able to cut an ice cube in half with just a piece of string!

Cut Ice Cubes in Half Like Magic

Escaping Water

Floating Egg

Week 6 - Kitchen Science
This week was all about experiments using items found in the kitchen.  We created a density bottle, explored mixing ingredients such as water with juice and then water and oil.  We created an eruption using baking soda and vinegar.  

Mad Scientist Party
Our Mad Scientist party was a big hit!  We played pin the mustache on Albert Einstein and then did the experiments in our test tube kit.  We finished the party off with a big BINGO game and a BBQ lunch.  A great way to end the summer program.