Monday, 2 June 2014

Lepage Super Glue

Yippee... I was chosen to do a test of Lepage's Super Glue.  This Ultra Gel is awesome!  The thing I like the most about it is that you can reseal the container easily for the next use.  The easy to use applicator ensures that my fingers aren't stuck together which is something I frequently did with the other stuff (OUCH!)

The children love my pirate ship bead activity toy, but the whale kept coming off - I think the screws were stripped as it would only last a few days when I tightened them.  I added some of the super glue and voila... good as new - weeks later, it is still holding strong :).

Today we used the glue to create toothpick marshmallow structures.  The children placed their first layer on the cardboard and I added a dab of super glue to hold them down so they would stay in place while building.  This made creating structures so much easier for the little guys!  Check out what my two girls made...

This glue works on almost anything so check it out.... happy gluing!


  1. Awesome..I love will be picking some up this new product this week..can't wait to try it out....thanks for sharing this product with us..good news about you being chosen...

  2. I like how you mentioned how you can reseal the glue container. Sometimes with other glues you can only use it once.

  3. I found that too - this reseals very well and ready for the next use.