Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Desert Animals

This was a short week for us so we concentrated on three animals in the desert; the desert chameleon, rattlesnake, and the scorpion.

I used the information sheets from this printable for the children to complete about each of the three animals.

3D Chameleon - we used this Disney printout to create these cute little guys.

Pipe cleaner Chameleon - This cute little guy is from Lines Across.  We made them white as the desert chameleon uses its colour changing ability to regulate body temperature.

Paper Bag Rattlesnakes - Open up a brown paper lunch bag and cut into three sections lenghthwise.  Children draw diamonds on the back in the center of the bag then roll it up so the diamonds are on the back.  We added a jingle bell to the tail end so it would 'rattle'.  They drew on eyes with a marker and we added a pipecleaner forked tongue.  Their favourite part was shaking the rattle as a warning to others!

I printed this scorpion colouring page for the children to colour.

We watched these informative short videos to learn some fun facts about each one.

Chameleon's Way of Keeping Cool in the Desert - BBC

Richard Hammond Talks to a Rattlesnake - BBC

Desert Insects - BBC

You Tube also has desert animal themed stories available for viewing:

A Colour of His Own

The Mixed Up Chameleon

Baby Rattlesnake