Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Luck of the Irish

We've had a couple of busy weeks with our Rainbow and St. Patrick's Day themes.  I know this is too late for this year, but hopefully you find some ideas for next years' celebration!

We made fruit loop rainbows.

I love the 3D paper strip rainbows.

We also painted paper plate halves as rainbows.

We sponge painted shamrocks.

We had fun with our shamrock wands.  I love that I can buy packages of fun foam shapes at the dollar store now!

I saw this shamrock rolling pin painting activity and knew we just had to try it.

The children built a leprechaun trap.

The trap is set.

Uh oh - looks like it's been tripped.

My daughter wrote an amazing poem for my pot of gold chocolate coins that the tricky leprechaun left behind when he took our piles of st. patrick's day coins that we left in the trap as bait.

I've been searching for a treasure
Since the Irish days of old
Imagine just my luck
When I found your pot of gold
I've taken it in hiding
You won't imagine where
But in its place I left for you
Some chocolate coins to share!

The note was the teeniest tiniest little scroll tied up with green and left on the top of the coins and placed in the tripped trap.

We played a Pot of Gold Roll and Cover game.

Games for our St. Patrick's Day Party included...

Shamrock Bean Bag Toss (the older children had to match the colour to get a point, and the younger ones just needed to land a bean bag of any colour on the shamrock.

St. Pattick's Day coin toss.

What's missing? - green things.  The children studied the tray and then I removed one of the items.

Leprechaun, Leprechaun Game - I hid a coin under one of the leprechauns and the children took turns guessing which leprechaun it was under until the coin was found.
We chanted...

Leprechaun, leprechaun
Where can it be?
A gold coin
Just for me!

Some of the songs we enjoyed over the past few weeks included:

The Rainbow Song

Red, yellow, orange
And green followed by blue
Indigo and violet
It's a rainbow song for you!

I'm a Little Leprechaun 
Sung to: "I'm a little teapot" 

I'm a little leprechaun
Dressed in green
The tiniest man
That you ever seen
If you ever catch me, it is told
I'll give you my pot of gold!

Do your Ears Point Up? 
Sung to: "Do Your Ears Hang Low?"

Do your ears point up?
Do you have a lot of luck?
For gold do you dig?
Can you dance an Irish jig?
If you answered, "Yes,"
You're a leprechaun, I'd guess!

Our March project was on Ireland and St. Patrick's Day.  The children read a poem, wrote on a shamrock shape and had two games in their folder.  One was matching opposites, the other was putting St. Patrick's Day words in alphabetical order.

Here is the Roll and Cover Game I created.

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