Friday, 18 October 2013


This past week we did a unit on owls.  It's a short week so we had to pack in a lot in the four short days we had! 

I found this adorable sock owl at Danielle's Place.  As we used a hot glue gun, it was teacher assisted, but the children enjoyed making the craft and they were super easy to do.  I couldn't quite get how she made them, but I think she used the bottom part of the sock... I cut the bottom of the sock off and used only the top part.  We used white socks so made Snowy Owls.   I used a hot glue gun to seal one end and the children added stuffing to their 'tube'.  They then chose their eyes that I had pre-glued and placed them on their owls.  I used the glue gun to attach them.  We folded down the top and sealed it in the middle at the top of the eyes.  I then sealed the edges of the fold.  They chose their beak and placed it on their owl and then chose wings for either side.  The eyes, beak, and wings were precut out of felt.  These would make cute little owl bean bags to use for games as well.

I printed the barn owl template from Learn Create Love; we used crayons and pencil crayons to colour them.

We also made paper bag puppet owls.

Our October project was on Owls.

Enjoy these free games that I created...

 I also found many free owl activities on the internet.

Owl Preschool Pack

Free Owl Themed Printable Activities from Teachers Pay Teachers

Owl Dot-to-Dot

Owl Dot-to-Dot 2

I am an owl.  Worksheet

O is for owl.  Worksheet   

Barn Owl Fun Fact

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