Friday, 11 October 2013

Gobble, Gobble

As you know, I live in Canada so this weekend is THANKSGIVING!!!  I have a lot to be thankful for and am very grateful to be living in this wonderful country and thankful for my family and friends.  This week we discussed all the things that we have and how thankful we are to have them.  We discussed the meaning of the holiday and how busy the farmers have been all year so that we have delicious food to eat.  The children are all looking forward to their feast to celebrate the harvest.

My older crew is into making fans from just about anything right now so I incorporated that interest into our turkey craft.

The younger crew glued feather shapes and a circle on top to create their turkey. 

The older crew coloured and then wove paper to create their decorative corn.  The younger crew coloured and then glued on bits of coloured paper for their craft.

We discussed the Pioneers and life in the early days of settlement in Canada.  No surprise that none of the children wished they had experienced life without electricity or running water!  We tied the unit into Thanksgiving by discussing how the early settlers grew most of their own food and cared for animals on their land.  We also discussed how life for pioneer children differed from their lives today.  We made Jumping Jacks from the Black Creek Pioneer Village website.

Here is the template I created to make the corn.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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