Thursday, 3 October 2013

Fall Fun

It's finally here... my favourite season!  We have been enjoying the cooler days and spending a lot of time outdoors.  The squirrels in the area are busy scampering around the forest collecting nuts, leaves are changing from green to beautiful reds and yellows, and the geese overhead have been honking their departure. 

Fall is such a wonderful time for craft activities.  Here are some of the projects we have been working on.

Framed Leaves - on one of our walks, the children chose a leaf to bring back with them.  We used mac tac (contact paper) to preserve the leaf and they created a frame from coloured popsicle sticks then added a pipecleaner for hanging.

I thought these fall leaves were super cool.  Cut out the template shape and the children simply had to fold it accordion style.  We used a glue stick to ensure the leaf stayed together and of course, they used them as fans!

Fall Pictures

Fall tree - the children cut out a circle shape and folded it in half then they opened it up and dropped paint onto the circle.  They then folded it over to smoosh the paint.  When dry, they glued the circle onto a tree trunk cut from construction paper. 

I found this play clay fall craft on the internet.  I think we needed to press the leaf in harder for the brown wash to catch the veins of the leaf, but the children were happy with their leaves.  They used the extra clay to make whatever they wished so everyone went home with a baggie of creations.

Check out my website for more fall activities and free printables.

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