Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Apple Time

We kicked off the fall season with an apple unit.  The children enjoyed juicy apples for snack and applesauce for dessert.  We sang songs about apples and read apple books.  My SK children will also be creating a lapbook a month and what better way to start off this new activity than with apples.  I found the file folders at my local Dollarama... $2 for a package of 12! 

We made apple trees - the children cut out the trunk from brown construction paper and leaves from lighter coloured green construction paper.  They added pom pom apples to their trees.

We also made paper plate apples.  The older children cut a white circle and added fingerprint seeds to create a half apple.

It seems everyone is tightening their belts just a little more these days.  I've always been a little cheap when it comes to the use of my coloured ink and there are a lot of wonderful games out there that I don't print because they are so colour intensive.  I've decided to create games that are even more cost effective to use so hoping this fills a need for others also looking for educational games that don't use a lot of ink to print.  Feedback on this would be much appreciated. 


Check out my site and my blog entries from September 2012 for more apple activities.

Friday, 13 September 2013

Nursery Rhymes

I haven't done this theme with my crew for a few years, but it is perfect for a 'back to school routines' theme!  The younger children enjoyed the rhymes and fingerplays and it was a fun way for the older children to start their Senior Kindergarten program with an added emphasis on printing.  I planned the theme over a two week period and we enjoyed many crafts and activities.

Little Bo Peep's sheep - the children made a handprint on a small paper plate with black paint and added cotton batting to the lamb when it was dry.

Little Boy Blue horns - I cut a paper towel tube in half and the children covered them with yellow paper then I snipped one end and they covered that with more yellow paper.  We added a pipe cleaner handle.


Hickory Dickory Dock clocks - The children added a clock face to a construction paper clock shape then mice were attached to the clock with wool.  They were able to move the mouse up and down the clock while reciting the rhyme.  The clock for the older children had moveable hands so we were able to review hour and half hour times.

Jack Be Nimble candlesticks - I cut a paper towel tube in half and the children coloured a piece of paper with wax crayons then covered the tube with their paper.  I had precut the sections from a take out drink container for the candle to stand in.  We used a hot glue gun so they could use their candles right away, but white glue would work just as well; it would just need about a day drying time.  The children then added a crepe paper (tissue paper would have worked better, but I didn't have yellow and orange so we improvised) flame.  We used the candlesticks to act out the rhyme. 

 Humpty Dumpty craft - the children sponge painted the bricks onto a piece of construction paper to create the wall then made a construction paper Humpty Dumpty to glue onto the wall.

I created fill in the blank nursery pages for the older children.  When they completed all the worksheets, we stapled them into a book.