Friday, 23 August 2013


We ended our Trip Around the World in Mexico.  What a great time we had this week.  The children made sombreros, fiesta necklaces, and a piñata.  We enjoyed nachos and cheese for snack one day and burritos for lunch.  On our last day, we had a fiesta!

To make the sombreros, the children coloured large pieces of paper then I placed the paper on their heads and taped around it.  We curled up the edges and glued on pom poms.


I was able to find fiesta beads at a local dollar store to make the necklaces - they went perfectly with our theme!  The jugs were made from large soap containers and we used tissue paper and modge podge (watered down white glue) to decorate the jugs.  I added duct tape around the cut edge of each jug so they wouldn't be sharp and they added the tissue paper all around the edge and into the jug covering the tape... it worked great!  We used the jugs for a tossing the ball game.

We also played Pin the Tail on the Burro.

We made a ribbon piñata for the party.  The children layered crepe paper around a box and we snipped the bottoms of each row.  I poked holes into the bottom and cut a trap door in the bottom of the box.  Ribbons were poked through the many holes and I tied one of the ribbons through a hole to secure it to the trap door so it would release the door when pulled.  I ensured the door would not open with the weight of the goodies inside by adding a small piece of masking tape to each cut side of the trap door.  I enjoyed this type of piñata with my group much better... no worrying about someone getting hit with the bat or having to blindfold anyone. 




  1. Love them!! They are a great addition for Hispanic Heritage Month!

  2. Thank-you... we really had a great summer travelling around the world and I think Mexico was definitely a favourite.