Tuesday, 6 August 2013


Venturing down under was a great experience.  For Australia, we focussed on the amazing and unique animals that reside there.  We used this pattern to create our felt platypus stuffies. 

I created this book for the children to colour and read about the various animals we were learning about.  I used colouring pages from the internet so had to remove them before uploading my book as many were for 'personal use only'.  You can add images to each page, have the children draw their own, or have them cut pictures from magazines to complete their book.

 We also made and enjoyed fairy bread for snack - we used Nutella instead of butter to spread on the bread, but we discussed the original version and some of the children went home and made some on the weekend!  They enjoyed both, but liked the Nutella recipe better.  We also made  Australian sausage rolls for lunch.


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