Friday, 7 June 2013

Creepy Crawlies

We just completed our bug unit and there is nothing like bugs to catch the children's interest!  We explored bugs on our walk and observed them in their natural habitats.  We read books about bugs, sorted bugs into insects and non insects categories, did bug crafts, and sang lots of songs about the little critters.  We've packed a lot of learning into the past two weeks and now it's time to move on to Father's Day next week.

Here are some of the bug crafts we created...

Paper plate lady bugs... FYI - if you don't have brads, a paper clip can be used so the wings move... just tape one section at the top and the other at the bottom so it doesn't slip off.

Tube bees...

Butterflies - we talked about symmetry and then smooshed paint in a folded piece of paper...

Treat filled butterflies - found this great craft on Pink Lemonade.  We used smarties and I only had the regular sized zip lock sandwich bags.  If I was to do it again, I would buy the 1/2 sized ones, but it was definitely the hit activity of the week!

Here are some of the songs and poems we have enjoyed the past two weeks...

Crawly Bug

See the little crawly bug
Walk across the floor.
See the little crawly bug
Walk right up the door.

See the little crawly bug
I hope he doesn't fall!
Walk across the ceiling
Then down the other wall.

See the little crawly bug
Creep out in the sun.
Come again, crawly bug,
Watching you is fun!

Poor Little Bug on the Wall

Poor little bug on the wall
Nobody loves him at all
No-one to wash his clothes
No-one to tickle his toes
Poor little bug on the wall.

The Beetles and the Bed Bugs

I woke up in the morning
And I looked upon the wall
The beetles and the bed bugs
Were having a game of ball
The score was nineteen - twenty
The beetles were ahead
The bed bugs hit a home run
And knocked me out of bed!

Singing eenie-meenie-meenie-miney-moe
Catch a tigger-tigger by the toe
And if he hollars-hollars let him go
Singing eenie-meenie-meenie-miney-moe

Catch a tigger by the toe
If he hollars let him go

Shoo Fly

Shoo fly don't bother me
Shoo fly don't bother me
Shoo fly don't bother me
I belong to somebody!

I do, I do, yes indeed I do
I belong to somebody
Yes indeed I do!

Little Arabella Miller

Little Arabella Miller
Came upon a caterpillar
First it crawled upon her Mother
Then upon her baby brother
All said, "Arabella Miller
Take away that caterpillar!"