Tuesday, 12 March 2013

St. Patrick's Day

I love the magic of St. Patrick's Day - the children have so much fun looking out for leprechauns and magical tricks.  We are enjoying a fun filled week. 

For crafts we have created handprint leprechauns.  Paint the fingers of the child's hand orange and the palm peach then stamp onto paper.  When dry, add a construction paper hat, googly eyes, and draw on the rest of the facial features.

We coloured and assembled little St. Patrick's Day baskets - a must have incase we catch a leprechaun in our soon to be assembled trap as we will need somewhere to put our share of the gold!

I try to do a different hat for the party each year as I have children here for several years.  This year we created a shamrock hat.  The fun foam shamrocks were purchased at Dollarama and the band and large shamrock cut out of construction paper.  Super easy and the children were able to do all the creating themselves.

On Thursday, the children will create and assemble a leprechaun trap and we'll set the room up for our party.  Games that I have planned include...
Hot Potato - we are going to pass a real potato around the circle.
Bean Bag Toss - tossing green beanbags onto shamrock shapes that will be of various sizes with points printed on them.  The larger shamrock will have the least amount of points and the smallest, the most.  As I have a young group, we will play co-operatively and see if we can reach 100 points, but older children may want to play a competitive game.
Musical Shamrocks - I will place shamrocks on the floor and when the music stops, each child must sit on one.  Sometimes I make it interesting and put one less than the number of children and see who 'shares'!  Again we play co-operatively... I just 'catch' the last one down, but they aren't 'out'.  

Some of the songs we have been enjoying this week include...

An Eensy Weensy Leprechaun
Sung to: "The Eency Weency Spider"

An eensy, weensy leprechaun
Came out St. Patrick's Day
To look for gold
That was hidden far away.
Over the rainbow
Was where he was told,
So, with a wink of his green eye,
He ran to get the gold.

Do your Ears Point Up?
Sung To: Do Your Ears Hang Low?

Do your ears point up?
Do you have a lot of luck?
For gold do you dig?
Can you dance an Irish jig?
If you answered, "Yes,"
You're a leprechaun, I'd guess!

I have seen so many wonderful printables on the net to help celebrate, that I couldn't help but be bitten by the creating bug and wanted to share our party printables with you. Enjoy!


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