Monday, 14 January 2013

Chicken Fried Rice

I have to confess, I am not a big fan of rice so I was not particularly impressed when hubbie wanted to get a rice cooker last year.  I have since changed my opinion!!!  They are so easy to use and I can literally toss just about anything in there to create a rice dish.  Here is my version of chicken fried rice and it was DE-LI-CIOUS!!!

I used 5 cups on the rice cooker
Add the water to the line on the rice cooker before adding the vegetables and soup mix
toss in veggies of choice - (frozen broccoli, frozen mixed asian vegetables or mixed vegetables, fresh diced celery, etc)
2 or 3 packages of lipton onion soup mix - (depending on taste preference... I used 3)
soya sauce

When the rice is almost done, stir in diced precooked chicken - I make this dish after having chicken breasts the night before so just cook extra to make the CFR for the next day.  I also tossed in a can of whole mushrooms at this point.  Cover and let it continue to cook until done.

You will have to watch the rice cooker as I find it doesn't always shut off when it should when making a dish like this, but it is so easy... toss it in, keep an eye on it every 10 minutes or so - and ENJOY.  Clean up is simple and this tastes great the next day, freezes well, and packs well in a thermos for lunches!  You can always make vegetable rice by simply not adding the chicken for a vegetarian dish or as a side dish to your meal.

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