Tuesday, 26 June 2012


We are finishing off our Robert Munsch author unit with The Paper Bag Princess.  The children were thrilled with their crowns :). 

Print the crown template on card paper then paint yellow.  When dry, cover with glitter glue, let dry, then cut out.    (You can sprinkle glitter onto glue, but I find that always comes off all over the house, but the glitter glue seems to stay put.)  Then add jewels.  I purchased a bag with tons of jewels at Dollarama.  They had blue/green/diamond and pink/purple/diamond bags.  We didn't even use 1/2 the bag for 4 crowns so will have to think of another great project for them.  Once the glue dries, add a strip of yellow fun foam measured to fit child's head and it's ready to wear!

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