Sunday, 29 April 2012

Honey... Honey... Lion

Last week we planned activities around the story Honey... Honey... Lion by Jan Brett.  This is a new story to me, but quickly became another favourite from this wonderful author.  The story is simple with a great lesson on sharing.  The children enjoyed the repetitive text when the honey badger is following the honeyguide.  It's an easy story for a small group to re-enact and my crew wanted to do it over and over again so they each had a turn playing all the parts.
We made handprint lion heads which looked super cute!  I inserted each child's photo in the centre of the printable, but they can be made with just the lion head printout.

We also made a lion paper bag puppet.

My free printable today is the badger mask that the children wore during their re-enactment of the story.



  1. wonderful ideas! thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks Ana - we had so much fun with that book :)