Wednesday, 7 March 2012

The Wonderful Spud

This week we are all about those underground vegetables commonly known as potatoes!  Today we created Mr. Potato heads using a pattern I found on Mamamelia

Here are some potato colouring pages to print.  I just love the potato plant!

On Friday, we will be making Irish Potato Pancakes... YUM!

We have been enjoying The Potato Song... what a fun way to celebrate the WONDERFUL SPUD!

Here are the words...

The Potato Song
Sung To: "The Mexican Hat Dance"
They're red, they're white, they're brown
They get that way underground
There can't be much to do
So now they have blue ones too
We don't care what thay look like we'll eat them
Any way they can fit on our plate
Every way we can conjure to heat them
We're delighted and think they're just great
PO ta to po ta to po ta to po
ta to po ta to po ta to po ta
to po ta to po ta to po ta to
po ta to po ta to po ta to
Sometimes we ditch the skin
To eat what it's holding in
Sometimes we'd rather please
Have just the outside with cheese

They have eyes but they do not have faces
I don't know if their feelings get hurt
By just hanging around in dark places
Where they only can stare at the dirt
PO ta to po ta to po ta to po
ta to po ta to po ta to po ta
to po ta to po ta to po ta to
po ta to po ta to po ta to

~Cheryl Wheeler~

And another fun potato chant...

One Potato, Two Potatoes
One potato, two potatoes, three potatoes, four
I made a batch of hot potatoes
And dropped them on the floor!
Five potatoes, six potatoes, seven potatoes, eight
I stomped them into mashed potatoes
And plopped them on a plate
Nine potatoes, ten potatoes, I can't believe my eyes
The children ate them up and now it's time for fries!

And don't forget to play Hot Potato!

That's all for now... see ya 'round the chip stand ;)!


  1. Those are way to cute. We are going to do Irish Ginger Snap Cookies :) The potato pancakes sound yummy and I just might have to try those.

    1. Thx! As we had the Mr. Potato Head bin out this past week, the craft was a big hit. The kids loved the potato pancakes... how were the ginger snap cookies?