Thursday, 15 March 2012

St. Patrick's Day Party

The clock is ticking and it is almost time for all things green!  Here is how we'll be spending our day tomorrow...

We made these cute pot of gold pots from black plastic containers using stick on fun foam shamrocks from Dollarama and a black pipecleaner handle.  We stuffed it with tissue paper on the bottom and shredded green construction paper.  They are empty right now - the children will build their trap and the leprechaun will leave the gold chocolate coins that we'll share for everyone to take home in their pots of gold.

I purchased these adorable hats and princess crowns again at Dollarama for the children to wear at the party.

Now on to the party games and activities!

Leprechaun Trap
The children will work co-operatively to build a Leprechaun trap in the morning. I will set it off at naptime leaving a small swatch of green material in the trap and chocolate coins to share. (The trap is waiting for the children to add their creative touches :)

Shamrock Toss
Shamrock shapes  were cut from a large cardboard box and we painted the box green.  Children will toss yellow sponge balls into the shamrocks.  For older children, you could have shamrocks of differing sizes and point values for each one.

Balloon Games

I purchased St. Patrick's Day balloons at our local dollar store and we will use them to play a variety of games such as who can keep the balloon in the air the longest, how many times can you hit the balloon before it touches the ground, and balloon volleyball.

Musical Shamrocks
I will place shamrocks on the floor - when the music stops, children sit down on a shamrock.  I will remove a shamrock each time.  and the children will team up and share the shamrocks that are left... can get pretty fun when there is only a few left!

Gold Coin Race
I set up 2 green pails across from each other - I will divide the children into groups to stand at either end of the room behind the buckets.  One person starts with a gold bean bag (coin) between their legs and walks to the other side to drop it in the bucket - no hands allowed.  Once they drop the beanbag, they go to the end of the new line and sit down.  The first person at the 2nd bucket then goes and so on until everyone is sitting down.  To play competitively, set up teams using 2 buckets per team and play as a relay race.

Games we will also play...

Hot/Cold  Shamrock Game
I will have one child hide a shamrock shape while the other children hide their eyes.  One person will be the seeker to find the shamrock with the hider using hot/cold directions to guide them to the shamrock.  The seeker then becomes the finder - we will continue until everyone has a turn.
Green Things Memory Game
Leprechaun, Leprechaun,
Look with me.
How many green things can we see?
I will set up a tray with green items  then have the children count the items.  I will cover  and take away 1 or more items.  The children will recount and figure out how many items are missing and then tell me what they are.
Hot  Potato

The children will pass a potato around the circle.  When the music stops, the person holding the potato will stand up and dance an Irish jig in the centre of the circle and then return to continue playing the game.



  1. Amzing!! Love your ideas !

    1. Thx Ana - we had so much fun this morning :)