Monday, 12 March 2012

Dare Ya!

Was a very exciting day for me and the kids this morning.  We headed off to our nearby forest area to see if we could find the hawk that swooped by us on Friday... and this time I remembered my camera!
We thought it strange that there were very few squirrels around to accept our handout of peanuts, but then after walking to the other side of the forest, realized there was not one but two hawks out and about and building a nest... perhaps baby hawks will be in our future sightings!

Hawk building a nest.

We walked further on and found some squirrels brave enough to enjoy our tasty breakfast offerings.

This is our one brown squirrel in a sea of black and grey ones... we call him Benjamin!

So we headed over to the other side of the forest to see if we could find more squirrels and it was eerily quiet and free of squirrels until we looked up!

There must have been 25 squirrels tucked into the trees... many with their tails over their backs and heads.  Wondering what was going on, we looked around and saw one of the hawks in a nearby tree.

Then this one grey squirrel scampering on the ground ran up the tree the hawk was in.  Scurried right up to the nest and batted the nest with his paw... like TAG... YOU'RE IT!  The hawk snapped at him and then left the nest to circle around and I managed to snap this amazing picture!

Somehow, all I could think of was the other squirrels - 5 minutes before - saying.... DARE YA!!!!!

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