Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Snowman Scarves

Hey everyone.  Yesterday it was pouring rain all day - flip to this morning and we are at a windchill of minus... yes MINUS 16... holy climate change batman!!!!  And still... no snow to show for the freezing temperatures because what little we had got washed away yesterday.  I'm hoping for some of the white stuff to at least make being cold worthwhile!  These snowmen need help bundling up for the arctic freeze... enjoy :).


  1. Thanks Ruth :) This is the closest we'll be getting to a snowman too. 6 inches of snow before Halloween and now NOTHING :(

  2. Thank you Ruth! We are finally getting our snow. Slowly but surely it is adding up. I could do without the -0 degrees however!! LOL

  3. You're welcome ladies - we are supposed to get some snow today... a whopping 1-3 cm... maybe the bottom of my shoe will get white ;).