Sunday, 29 January 2012

Fajita Night

This has to be one of my favourite meals... so easy to cook and sooooooo delicious!  This is in no way a traditional fajita recipe -just the one that I created and my family enjoys.  The house smells so good when it's cooking!

We usually have steak and chicken fahita's, but I have been known to just make steak or chicken depending on what I have on hand.  First I slice the meats into strips and then cover in a bowl with a bit of Diana's BBQ sauce (told you it's not traditional ;)... this tenderizes the meat as well as adds some zip and flavour.  I'm not really great at measuring, but I use about 2 steaks and 2 chicken breasts.  I let the meat marinade in the fridge for a few hours.  At this time, I slice the peppers... any type you want, but you will need 2 or 3 - I use green and either red, yellow, or orange depending on what looks the freshest at the grocery store.  You will also need to chop one onion... it varies the type I use depending again what I have on hand and no-one seems to notice the difference.  I use sweet, spanish, or a cooking onion.  Place the vegetables in a bowl in the fridge until dinner time.  I love having all the prep work done so when everyone is looking for dinner, I just grab the meat and start cooking.  Place the meat into the pan first... I use an electric fry pan, but any large skillet will work... and let simmer for a bit until it is starting to look cooked then add the vegetables. 

Once cooked, drain any excess liquid that is there and then add about 1/2 cup of your favourite salsa - I use Tostito's medium.  Stir the salsa in and continue cooking until hot and any liquid is reduced.

To serve, add grated cheddar to a tortilla - I prefer mine without cheese, and my crew likes to microwave their cheese before adding the fajita mixture.  After adding the meat, top with sour cream (if desired) and/or salsa (if desired). 

Turn the plate so the mixture is vertical in front of you.  Fold the bottom up then sides in and enjoy!

 We usally just have fajitas, but a spanish rice or chili con queso dip and chips is a nice addition to the meal.

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